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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe it’s already 2018! It honestly still feels like 2012. Time passes by so fast! (Excuse me, I’m trying to not get emotional right now.) I am so excited for the new year! Yesterday was new year’s eve, and even though I didn’t go out (except for the grocery shopping in the morning), I had a blast anyway! I made a gingerbread train (thank you, post-Christmas sales), watched Despicable Me 3 with my family, engorged myself, and spent the rest of my night watching Nikita on Netflix. Unfortunately, the toilet in my bathroom broke yesterday. On the bright side, it’s supposed to be fixed today!

So normally I don’t come up with yearly resolutions, but this year is an exception. Some of the goals I would like to accomplish in 2018 are:

  • read a book every 2-3 weeks
  • Watch more tv shows (I don’t watch as much as I want to)
  • Write, write, write, write
  • Start planning the second manuscript
  • Turn my negative qualities into positive
  • Pass my classes with A’s
  • Not to give up on anything, including this blog!

I hope everyone has an AMAZING year! 2018 is going to be awesome, I just know it. Good luck, guys. Talk to you soon. 



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